Featuring a few local specimens...

Extra prickly Cretan artichoke

Wild garlic plant - delicious chopped small and added to salads

Fresh garden produce perfect for a moussaka

Oranges ripening in the groves at Stylos and Armenoi

Upper vegetable garden planted out for the summer

One of thousands of trees positively groaning under the weight of olives

The beginnings of a fir cone

An adult billy goat

Wild cats by the harbour in Kalives

Scene from our local shepherd's hut

Ladybird on yellow flower

Lemon tree blossom in our garden

Spiros's sheep

Beaten octopus drying in the sun

Welcoming, smiley marguerites

Wild poppies self-seed from one year to the next

Fig tree in our garden

Our first almonds

Latest comments

01.07 | 11:21

A fantastic place to stay. So relaxing.
Home away from home. Love it.

29.06 | 18:36

What an amazingly picturesque location .......a veritable hideaway from the elevated pace of city living and all set within an architecturally elegant setting.

28.04 | 23:29

The setting is gorgeous - completely cut off if you need a day relaxing, but close to small towns and the city, Chania, if you need a day trip. Stunning house.

08.03 | 18:53

Home away from home, ideal for families, having spent a week there with my 3 y/o I wouldn't stay any where else in Crete! Absolutely amazing!