Our natural swimming-pool

Chlorine and chemical-free soft, clean water

Our natural swimming-pool is flanked by a children’s play area and a lily pond. The water is filtered by the roots of hundreds of aquatic plants and circulated with the aid of a pump which in turn is operated by electricity harvested directly from the sun. The water has a neutral Ph factor and is completely free of chlorine and other chemicals. It is safe for children, even babies, and it does not damage or discolour the skin or hair in the same way as the water in a conventional pool.

The children's play area of the pool is clear and shallow with a soft, sandy base.

Latest comments

01.07 | 11:21

A fantastic place to stay. So relaxing.
Home away from home. Love it.

29.06 | 18:36

What an amazingly picturesque location .......a veritable hideaway from the elevated pace of city living and all set within an architecturally elegant setting.

28.04 | 23:29

The setting is gorgeous - completely cut off if you need a day relaxing, but close to small towns and the city, Chania, if you need a day trip. Stunning house.

08.03 | 18:53

Home away from home, ideal for families, having spent a week there with my 3 y/o I wouldn't stay any where else in Crete! Absolutely amazing!