How to get to us

Kokkino Xorio village taken near the mini-market

We can meet you in the village of Kokkino Xorio or if you prefer you can get to us under your own steam:

From the village square/basketball court in Kokkino Xorio, with the taverna on your right and the church straight ahead, turn right then immediately left and proceed slowly down a narrow, windy road until you come to a staggered T-junction.

Bear left and pass the old wells on your right - a huge concrete slab with rusted metal lids – until you reach two municipal rubbish-bins. You will be at the bottom of our hill (and the top of another one leading down to the lighthouse).

Bear right and take the track up the hill as far as you can go. After about 2km you will reach a farmyard. Drive past and on up the track. You should see our house ahead on your left – a one-storey pale yellow building distinguished by a wind turbine and lightning protection tower. If you get stuck you can call us and we’ll come and find you!

Hot tip: Drive slowly to allow more time to stop if someone is coming very fast the other way; Greeks habitually drive fast even through small villages. It's all part of their flamboyant southern Mediterranean temperament!

Winter panorama of the "Lefka Ori" (White Mountains) taken from the track above the village of Kokkino Xorio which leads to our home
Kokkino Xorio taverna showing basketball court/village square below right

Latest comments

01.07 | 11:21

A fantastic place to stay. So relaxing.
Home away from home. Love it.

29.06 | 18:36

What an amazingly picturesque location .......a veritable hideaway from the elevated pace of city living and all set within an architecturally elegant setting.

28.04 | 23:29

The setting is gorgeous - completely cut off if you need a day relaxing, but close to small towns and the city, Chania, if you need a day trip. Stunning house.

08.03 | 18:53

Home away from home, ideal for families, having spent a week there with my 3 y/o I wouldn't stay any where else in Crete! Absolutely amazing!