Who we are and why we're here

View facing south across our front garden to the Drapanos mountain.

In 1999, a friend told us about a recent visit he’d made to Crete. It was unspoilt, he said; it was relaxed and unrushed. At the time it sounded just what we were looking for, so we booked a trip through a small company and rented a goatherd’s cottage in the foothills of the White Mountains.

We loved what we saw and came back several times, thoroughly exploring the region of Western Crete before buying a plot of gloriously untouched land on the Drapanos peninsula overlooking the Aegean Sea.

This is the beginning of our fifth year living in our eco-sustainable house in the middle of nowhere and we love it. If you are looking for an antidote to city life, a few days on our peaceful spot may be just what you need.

You may be lulled to sleep under a star-studded sky - no light pollution out here to spoil the fun for stargazers – listening to the toads chirruping to each another across the pond, and in the morning you may awaken to the gentle jingling and tinkling of bells as goats and sheep frolick and gambol down the hillside to nibble and graze the lower pastures.

Breakfast will be a feast of natural, organic products including fresh fruit and preserves, local honey, bread, cheese and yogurt, farm eggs, home-grown tomatoes, mushrooms and handmade sausages from our Cretan butcher in Kalives, together with a variety of leaf tea and freshly ground coffee.

We will serve you breakfast wherever you like – by the pond, on your private terrace, on one of our terraces or at our breakfast bar in the main house. As long as you’re happy, we’re happy; your enjoyment of our little piece of Paradise is our first priority.

Latest comments

01.07 | 11:21

A fantastic place to stay. So relaxing.
Home away from home. Love it.

29.06 | 18:36

What an amazingly picturesque location .......a veritable hideaway from the elevated pace of city living and all set within an architecturally elegant setting.

28.04 | 23:29

The setting is gorgeous - completely cut off if you need a day relaxing, but close to small towns and the city, Chania, if you need a day trip. Stunning house.

08.03 | 18:53

Home away from home, ideal for families, having spent a week there with my 3 y/o I wouldn't stay any where else in Crete! Absolutely amazing!